Coming Soon…

Here are some courses that people have requested. I’ve heard a lot of people requesting short courses that can be completed in under an hour, so I plan to start with those.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Contact me on Facebook and let me know your thoughts!

Just Launched – Build No Code WordPress themes with Pinegrow

Other Course Ideas in the pipeline…

  • How to build a basic WordPress plugin
  • Learn DNS in an hour
  • Foundations of WordPress development
  • Foundations of Web Server Administration
  • Intro to markdown
  • CSS in an hour
  • WordPress website security basics
  • What to look for when auditing a WordPress website
  • How to test your backups
  • What to do when you inherit a WordPress website
  • Website Page Builder capabilities, comparisons, and limitations
  • Cloudflare for Web Agencies
  • Common WordPress design and development problems and solutions
  • Website pre-launch checklist
  • Email security: DMARC, DKIM, and SPF demystified
  • WordPress code snippets. Should you use a snippet plugin, child theme, or something else?
  • WordPress setup and best practices from scratch
  • The power of custom post types and custom fields
  • Foundations of website accessibility
  • WordPress website performance basics